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Just Picked

imageAfterwards, I’ll compliment with ice cream and warmed cookies.

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365 Days of Photography with Day Number 58 and 59…

Day Number 58…



Day Number 59…


Contributions and such. Happy Thanksgiving.

Divine Burgers and Day Number 77…

AdjustedDB1If you’re looking for a fun and eclectic environment, along with good grub, then try out Tillamook’s Divine Burger Bistro. We really enjoyed it, and plus they have live music. They even use local, grass fed beef. How about that? May not be Painted Hills, but it’s still good stuff. And it’s fresh, none of that frozen patty stuff. 

Adjusted77Local talent. This guy was getting down to business. Played a few sonatas for us, all originals. He made todays photo, Day Number 77.

AdjustedDB2Check them out if you’re exploring downtown, located at 2003 2nd Street, Tillamook, Oregon. Or visit their Facebook page, Divine Burger Bistro.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number Twelve. Perks.

Here is Day Number Twelve…


Adjusted12Perks of having awesome clients? Ribs. “Hey Paul, take some of these.”

 Perks of having an organic garden that you spend too much time on? Fresh greens. Fresh beans. Sauteed in a little butter. Plus, and a plus.

And now, after a late evening of fishing for gigantic trout, my dad is throwing steaks on the grill. Tis the season for grill masters and for owls flying over dad’s house. 

Batter Up

It’s birthday cake batter. With chocolate. In a bar. Tripping nuts.Adjusted

It’s a killer combo with coffee, while editing. It’s the newest bar I’ve seen from Seattle Chocolates. Best wishes, and I’m breaking two of my rules. 
First rule, it’s not gluten free. I knew the moment I saw cake batter, and I’m thinking, “No, no, no. That’s got my favorite sad sack ingredient, unbleached creepy wheat flour.”
Secondly, it contains whee bits of highly processed corn syrup. That’s a no brainer in confetti cake mix, with colored bits. 
So I’m indulging a little. I’m mixing two of my least favorite poisons together. It’s a minuscule amount, that’s how I counterattack. Justifying the whole gluttonous moment. 
Give it a whirl. 

Shout Out

Sending a big shout out  to the amazing folks at Endangered Species Chocolate. Holla. The bomb.Endangered

 I feel slighted outdated using the word folks. And out of my element using the word bomb, but it’s better than epic. 


Sporadic Shutter: For the Chocolate Lovers…

If you could pick just one, JUST ONE (I know, impossible in some eyes), which one would it be, and why?