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Trail Of Ten (Pinch An Inch)

Trail of…

Well, my loop hike, the trail of ten, aimed at each of the falls in the Silver Creek Falls park area (“He is always¬†up there”) was once again sidetracked. Guess I kind of found some lingering trout, a couple here and a couple there, and for some reason I felt like a kid again, searching different pools for different fins. I know, and I know, never with me. Most of you that know me would know that such things just never happen. Small clear pools in a small clear stream, that’d never interest me, just never.

From the Trail Of Ten to the Trail Of Fins. That’s more like it, more of a fit.

Noon is looking right. South Falls.


Edge of sanity.

Where periwinkles dare.

Go shower.

Lower South.

Bronze evening.

Through thicket.



Low flow.

And I was like, “Say wha?”


Slim pool where creatures dare.


Pinch an inch.