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Feeling Pretty Stoked. Thanks to Melissa and 1859 Oregon Magazine.

Now, both of our photos grace their homepage. Check them out here: 1859 Oregon Magazine

Adjusted103Rusty Rodder

My dad has been over here as well. He made friends with a porcupine while visiting. I think Dennis would appreciate this as well.


No Entires Could Empty

Something from a late October. I remember this. Peering at feeling, a slow pulse. Not getting close, shooting at seventy five. Casual stuff. Nothing abnormal. Last twenty minutes of light. Friction of breeze tangled in sage, a low glow coupled with the wanting of a fire horizon, the hopes of something along those lines, which never occurred. Haunts or the happening of, or maybe it was both, luring in the curious eye. It was the opening scene, aiming through worn existence, a forgotten entrance. It was a kind of reckless, but still had this mood, although I’m not sure which mood. I remember thinking, with key of importance, the atmosphere was carved in mood. That was the scene. Within that cloud of mood (and again I’m not sure which mood, maybe it’s supposed to stay that way), I had found a pulse. 

©PE Adjusted

So it’s not entirely empty.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 137-139

Here is Day Number 137…

Adjusted137Conversed with a couple of Catholic women earlier. They honestly believe in this stuff.

 Here is Day Number 138…

Adjusted138New reading material. Barnes and Noble was an excellent choice today.

 Here is Day Number 139…

Adjusted139New Christmas shot glasses. Espresso non-depresso.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 135-136

Here is Day 135… 

Adjusted135Bad combo. 

Here is Day 136…

 Adjusted136Good combo.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 133-134 Polite Society

Here is Day 133…

©365DFP- 133Rude in polite society. 

Here is Day 134…

©365DFP- 134Days are numbered.


365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 130-132 Results May Vary

Here is Day 130…

©365DFP-130Testing the black waters with a new blend of espresso. Reaction with results may vary.

 Here is Day 131…

©365DFP-131Testing the strength of his new piece of equipment.

 Here is Day 132… 

©365DFP-132Just found this hanging in an old homestead. Finders keepers.

Walker Lookout, Eastern Region



©Walker Lookout©East2013

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 124-126 Three Simple Images, Three Different Undertones

Here Is Day Number 124… 

Adjusted124The dog that eats flowers.

 Here Is Day Number 125…

Adjusted125The cat that’s easily annoyed. 

 Here Is Day Number 126…

Adjusted126And the new $100 bill. This bill is a trip. I’ve already heard several conspiracy theories about this new bill. Very interesting. Lots of them are tied in to the “9/11 inside job” crowd. We will do anything when it comes to creating meaningful patterns, it’s how our brains are simply wired. Some will take those same meanings, and they’ll project them into a jumbled mess of conspiracies, weaving them throughout a simple yet sophisticated piece of paper. 

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Just Over There

©StoneStones throw away.

 ©HoldingWaterHolding water. Steelhead sanctuary. 


365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day 123 Happy Halloween!

Here Is Day Number 123…

Bloody Bike BrigadeJust a reminder: The Devils TRICK is no TREAT!

Bloody Bike Brigade