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365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #328-329 Feel Guide To Fall

Here is number 328… 

Swift effect.

And here is number 329…

Ocean front property. 


And then…

Dad making sure it’s A-Okay.

On the way up to the Raven Factory.

And the results are in…

…Owl Gore.

CIA substation. 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #46

Here is number 46…

Holiday hustle and bustle in the late evening hours. Downtown Salem along Liberty Street, right below The Grand Hotel. I saw a photo of this area during the late 1800’s. Horse and buggy culture, intertwined with tobacco and grain, topped off with saloons and mud (though I’m betting mostly manure).  

How the times have changed. That reminds me, I should check my iPhone for the latest Facebook happenings, and then Twitter my way out of here. 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #45

Here is number 45…

It’s a very simple photo. I was driving down Broadway, and the only reason that I took this shot, was for the fact (yes, fact) that this area is always picked up. How I wish that all of Salem was as clean and picked up as this place. Broadway Town Square, and there’s like no trash, like nooo cigarette butts. It’s insanely maintained. Shocking, I mean seriously shocking for the Salem area, especially on Broadway. 

Oh wow. There is this lady, and she’s talking about “spiritual photography.” Taking photos of spirits, and of “energy” crossing dimensional barriers. Taking photos with digital cameras, with DSLR cameras. Yeah, bravo. I mean, yeah, there is plenty of spiritual warfare going on around us, but capturing them on “film”? Sure, sure. No fine editing done on those shots. 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #44

Here is number 44…

I really like this shot. Well, I like it at this moment. Tomorrow I’ll wonder what was so great about it. But it’s like that with my photos, or anything I write. The whole, “What were you thinking?” not long after when you had thought it was a mini masterpiece, when you had thought that is was something great. 

Anyways, I’m enjoying this photo. It was another that grabbed me, reached out at me, tugged at me. It was another out of the darkness, out of the darkness of another dark but early fall evening. There is a lot happening here, and for once the water was calm. For once it was a mirrored surface, and the Gold Man stole the show. And then the gazebo, and the background with zero traffic. It’s all there for me, and it feels alright with me, and…it’s all good for me.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #43

Here is number 43…

My new home. I’ll post an address soon.

Runner up for #43…

Awhile back, I snuck out my own window. I guess I wanted to feel like a rebel. My jeans got stuck, and then ripped. I fell and landed on my stomach. I didn’t feel like getting up. Soon enough, the whole rebel thing, just the whole idea, suddenly felt very stupid.

Melissa, pro Nikon photographer, stole the best shots. 

Skippy! Shout if you like hydrogenated oils on your apples! It’s SKIPPY! Actually, this photo was for forensic data analysis.

“This one here is going to SELL.”

Inverted pool with sandy islands.

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #42

Here is number 42…

I’m guessing this is a place for prayer. Upon further inspection, I thought it might look appropriate in monochrome. In a way, it kind of gave off an eerie vibe. Sometimes monochrome works, and at other times you can forget it. What was really eerie, was that I was thinking of the time LeAnna and I were snooping up around this area. Right then she sent me a text, letting me in on an important news alert: free coffee was being given away for anyone named “Paul” at Java Crew. That’s like telling a dog that the treat bag in the pantry has been left open, and it’s a free-for-all. So, after snooping some more, and finding this small but powerful room (so vivid in layout, so dramatic in presence), I headed back to town. It was a very foggy day, and coffee was very much needed. I mean I never need coffee, never. But, yeah. 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #41

Here is number 41…

This is for Isaiah. This is the tree that I was talking about. If the city of Salem spent $20,000 on Christmas “trees” for the downtown area, I’m guessing this big bad boy was one of the pretty penny picks. Most of the other sidewalk Christmas trees, nearly all of which are tilted and leaning at various angles, are now inside (except on Liberty, where a few stand erect, with sandbags at there bases). I guess you could say the shop owners are protecting them, desperately trying to avoid ridicule from the hipsters that pass by in the late evening hours, adding Pabst cans as “additional ornaments.” 

This tree is void of any such ornaments. 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #40

Here is number 40…

Color of life. Only in monochrome. But the wreath caught me. It suddenly felt better in black and white. Maybe it’s the doors, the windows, the frames, maybe it’s just another way of looking at a wreath. But it’s presented here in monochrome. Tones of black and grey. Tones that felt the evening.

And here is the runner up…

Now I’m ready for a coffee. 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #39

Here is number 39…

I napped this evening. When I woke the pavement was damp. Then I ventured out. I was hoping to capture this photo with the moon and the stars, but instead you get an overcast night sky. It’s not much of a photo, that I realize, but it’ll work. I’m not sure what this contraption of sorts is named, some piece of “art.” Highly esteemed from the “intellectuals” in the downtown Salem area. You could say I was “lurking” around the State buildings, taking minimal shelter from a finely formed misty rain. You could get away with saying that. 

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #38

Another chilly evening. Blue skies though, thank God for blue skies. And the evening fell gray before four thirty, and by five dusk enveloped a haze in the surrounding hills that you could never break. By that time, icicles had taken form on loose dripping moss, and tall firs fell silent while fog plumes broke the slightest of breeze. Yes, it’s another December evening in the foothills surrounding the Willamette Valley. 

However, I still snuck in a few shots.   

Here is number 38…

In the Mouth Of Madness. Truthfully, I really dig this picture. It just looks dark and violent. Natures way of saying, “Yeah, I’ll eat you alive.” Most would rather have the North Falls photo, or the Dainty Falls photo. But this just begged my attention. I was actually in awe of it. You have to understand how my mind works, how I’m always working up stories, or imagining what nature might be saying. 

This was the Runner Up for #38…

Sweet little falls. So dainty.  

Silver Creek. North Falls, hanging over the edge. After this photo was taken, I took a dive.