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Rays ‘N’ Rain


Rays ‘n’ rain upon an early downtown Salem. About time.


Clouded Bridge


365 Days of Photography with Day Number 97-98…

These are the After Hours. Pay attention. Notice the switch that turned off the stars and catapulted that governing light of night. Clear drafts greet your lungs cold. You’re spying through a collection of impressions stretched in uneven shadows while ambiance plays on your minds eye. 

And coffees nearby. Always.

Day 97…


Day 98…


For Dennis. Thanks.

365 Days of Photography with Day Number 25…

Day Number 25… 


When Lightning Strikes

©LS1First flash I’ve captured. Loud claps and stuffy air. Staticky power lines, with echoes booming between boxcars. I was pretty fortunate, better yet privileged, in dodging a wall of showers nearby.

©LS2This was what I saw it before it saw me. Sure, timing plays a role. But it’s the knowing with doses of confidence, and those ingredients coupled with the elements made me a very happy guy. My first real thought, “Only if this was the farm truck. Zane would love it.”

©LS3When my shutter opened, I turned my head. A bright flash brought me back around. I was going to delete it, but decided against.

©LS6Moving the frame in time for flash and crack against humidity.

LS4This wasn’t entirely planned. It’s a little fuzzy, however I kept it.

LS5Totally went that route. B&W. This was also a toss up.

All Terrain

©SC4 copyAll terrain. There’s tire marks on this sculpture. Wide tire marks. Like, you know, from a mountain bike. I’d love to see what they’re doing off of this. And it used to be BMX. 

Circuit Rider

©CircuitRider 5.1.2014

Circuit Rider strolls by during a balmy yet beautiful May first.


These were colored fibers, pulsing tendons. Animated hue strands, ambiance alive and shimmering. Some shifted saturation, like tiny teardrop quartets signaling a chameleon of effects. So much going and yet incredibly silent. I crossed grateful admiration and let it play. It seemed easy enough. Unblemished evening coupled with true pleasures. Something solid about it all, even with those ragged trees protesting with equally grotesque limbs, demanding to be clothed in chlorophyll once again. I felt simplicity and gratitude, all of this combined against a ghostly pale (Emo) horizon. This too without java accompanying my bones.

Adjusted 1595


365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 80… Nippiness

Here is Day Number 80…

Adjusted80 Been out on a few late evening walks. Mostly downtown, since Salem is the happening place. Weather wise, it’s been nice. Yeah, it’s beginning, the whole September nippiness. I guess that’s actually a word. Not quite fall, but you can feel it starting to happen. It’s the same thing every year, however with us Oregonians it’s kind of a big deal, because we all love fall and we all hate to see summer go. If you’re from So Cal, then you have no idea what I’m even talking about.


Friday the 13th: Spirits, Among Us


A lady on Coast to Coast AM, “Sage does not get rid of ghosts. All it takes is one incidence for a skeptic to change their mind. Remote viewing has helped me, these places are loaded with spirits and beings and creatures.” So, if you see strange lights, or foggy rooms, weird shadows, hear noises that sound like voices…there’s a good chance it’s a spirit being or entity from another world. Hand over your skeptic card, and accept your pre-qualified Spiritual Companion card, because entities are everywhere you want to be.