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Lone Haul


Willys on the Alvord


April Showers Bring May…


365 Days of Photography with Day Number 146 through 150…

Day 146…


Day 147…


Day 148…


Day 149…


Day 150…


That One Over There


 Made a surprise trip to my favorite place today. 


Beyond grateful.


©MurderMayhemI’m not sure how to title this image. There’s backstory, but it’s lengthy. It contains a good amount of drama, some dark and overcast, which tends to carry furthest. Bringing this scene to life, after being robbed of life, was sincere. I’ll know whether it’s good, if I’m being honest or not. And here I know and feel, even after the fact. Murder or not.

Early Gold, and the Buck that weighed ISO 25600

AdjustedFRWIEarly gold blankets a rather calm morning. Fallen Raven Wood Shop Inn. NoRulesMiller, Oregon.

 AdjustedDeerISOThis was pretty cool. It was dusk, as in dark. I asked my dad if he wanted to see this buck lit up, grainy as the wheat he was chomping through. Dad stopped, I rolled down the window, tried to focus, and fired a shot. Shutter was at 1/30, right? My ISO, 25600. 25600! No joke. No editing done to this image. And it’s less grainy than I had imagined!