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Cross Hair Caffeinated

Trying out my new French Press with Black Rifle coffee. Should be a caffeinated experience.

These guys are pretty cool, and they’re run by veterans who also support veterans. Plus, their coffee is primo. It’s a win win all around.

Check out their site and get caffeinated. Black Rifle Coffee Company.

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365 Days of Photography with Day Number 45…

Day Number 45…

©365-45Thursday Throwback. Since I’m missing the sun, here’s a late throwback from just a couple months ago. When warm temps actually inhabited the region. Now they’re looking at a mild dusting of snow. However, before the snow, dad was brewing coffee amongst an early sun.


©SheChoseCoffeeShe chose the coffee…and was gone.

Getting Out

SCr1 SCr2 SCr3 SCr4 SCr5 SCr6 SCr7 SCr8 SCr9 SCr10

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 137-139

Here is Day Number 137…

Adjusted137Conversed with a couple of Catholic women earlier. They honestly believe in this stuff.

 Here is Day Number 138…

Adjusted138New reading material. Barnes and Noble was an excellent choice today.

 Here is Day Number 139…

Adjusted139New Christmas shot glasses. Espresso non-depresso.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 135-136

Here is Day 135… 

Adjusted135Bad combo. 

Here is Day 136…

 Adjusted136Good combo.

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 130-132 Results May Vary

Here is Day 130…

©365DFP-130Testing the black waters with a new blend of espresso. Reaction with results may vary.

 Here is Day 131…

©365DFP-131Testing the strength of his new piece of equipment.

 Here is Day 132… 

©365DFP-132Just found this hanging in an old homestead. Finders keepers.

Posh Brew

MornBrewPosh pot. Sumptuous living. Early morning, with the freshest brew I’ve ever encountered. It’s not from Boyd, Oregon. Dad gives it a two shot star.

AdjustedMossAutumn races forward, blanketing banks in an otherwise moss driven state. 

365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 91 and 92…

Weather has been nothing short of crappy. So, guess what I did. I made my first latte. You get two coffee pics. Take that.

Here is Day Number 91…


And 92… Adjusted92

Jubilee Java

August was National Coffee Month. August. I had no idea. From August to Anguish. How I hope thy Java gods forgive me.  


However, the ultimate caffeinated cup of christening falls on September 29. National Coffee Day. 

 May Jubilee Java find mercy upon my redeemed, roasted, forever spirited sipping soul.