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365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #315

Warm evening downtown. With fall closing in, I’m enjoying the last of our summer days. Less than ten days away. Even though this is my favorite time of the year, I’m going to miss the long evenings. Fall travels too fast. It’s like the shortest season in history for me. I’m just going to focus on road trips with dad, and weekend randomness with Mel.

Late summer and early fall, it’s also one of the best times for portraits. Take for instance these two love birds. They made Photo 315. Ashley and Earl’s engagement photos. Check out their gallery HERE. If it loads painfully slow…well, I’m going to apologize ahead of time. If they don’t look super sharp, it’s due to a smaller file size with the added watermark. The original file sizes, they are amazing. So, just excuse any blurriness or pixilation.  

Here is number 315…

And remember to check their gallery here… A&E’s Engagement Photos.

Partying Like It’s 365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, With #56


Lone Eagle.

Partying hard.

Dinner at the historical Drift Inn.

And coffee with live music.

Here is number 56…

Where fresh meets salt. I thought of my brother, and then pictured him throwing gobs of prawns at nickel bright steelhead and salmon returning home. “If this doesn’t work, I’ll grab a net.”

365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #53. Including “Story Time With Paul.”

Here is number 53…

Included Bonus:  “Story Time With Paul”

For starters, nonstop rain. Nonstop. Every time I’m on the coast, and the weather is absolutely relentless with showers, sideways and stinging and with this and with that…I always think of Lewis and Clark. I remember in their journals, “Nonstop rain. Everyday. I can’t take this. What am I going to do. Where am I at. They call this Oregon. I call this misery.” That’s a loose version, a very loose version of how they described the wonderful weather in the dreary months that lay ahead.

My camera got soaked. Absolutely soaked. Always good on Canon products. Nothing quite like a wet lens and body.

 Number 53

This was number 53. It’s not much, but it’ll have to work. My lens was wet, I was dodging sneaker waves, desperately trying to keep my feet dry.

I had set my tripod and left it somewhere behind me. Turns out I didn’t even need it. One good sized wave came in. I turned, and there was over a foot of water cruising through the legs. I thought, “That’s it! There goes my tripod.” But, alas, it held its ground.

So, I’m turning back around for a quick shot while showers pummel and soak every open surface available. Suddenly I feel this great gust, and I’m pushed back. I turn and suddenly I’m smacked in the other direction when a sneaker wave wrapped itself around my knees, sending me into a moment of pure shock. 

After I made it back to my rig, I cranked up the heat, and laid clothes out to dry. Then I headed back into Lincoln City, wet and hungry. Salmon sounded great. A good and healthy snack. So, I stopped by the Dory Cove, and grabbed a pound of smoked Chinook. 

“Where’s my coffee? I need a coffee, like bad.” Then I found this cute little warm and fuzzy cafe, with internet. Beach Town Coffee.That’s where I now reside for the time being. Then it’s back out, fighting this awful weather, while heading back to the valley.

And that’s how not to spend your evening on the beach.

Floor Rinse

Florence with Pops, Brother, and Sister.

Let it fly.



Brushing Sky.


Dune Rat.







Indian Dance.


Not Forgotten.















Square None.


Web Master.




It’s August.

It’s a wonder of a month.

And the sun is out.


 By the 500th take, I figured this shot was as good (if not better) than it was going to get. Besides, Melissa had had enough running back and forth. I had to manually adjust the lighting of the sun by switching to the sun dial mode located on my camera, which pushed the sun further down, thus providing adequate “level” lighting. After that was taken care of, I had to tilt the beach and the waves, which was done with the tilt mode located in the menu section on my camera. Shutter speed was significantly altered by the motion and lightning fast reflexes of Melissa running by. Her brother kept yelling at her to slow down, but she persisted for the right shot. In the end, the results were in, and thus you have this pic.

Numb fun.


No need for words.


Moo Moo.


In memory. US Navy SEALs.

Pac Dusk.

Sis Pris.



Catching flies.





Sonic Waves.

Look thee.






Pretty attitude.


So I’ve decided to go ahead, once again, with captions. My mom had asked me the other night, “Why aren’t there captions on your pics that are on your website? You have them on FaceBook, but not on there. Why not?”

Why not? Because I grew lazy with adding the same captions, typing them out a second time.

And then Zane. “What makes your pics good, other than having a good eye, is your captions.”

So it was a double whammy. And so the captions are going to return. Usually they consist of a word or two, or maybe three, or maybe a sentence or more.

I’ve also updated my about me section. Put up a link for my dads blog, and for my other site, which I’ve been falling behind on.

Thanks to all of you for visiting, and continuing to visit. I’ll try to keep you updated on how I see the world, where some parts go unnoticed while others are captured with the click of the shutter.

Take care, and thanks again.

Where Cormorants dare.

The Towering.



Seen better days.

Savior Ride.

Robin. Just Kidding.

Planks, paths.

Orca Worka.

Beacons Path.

Not quite ready.

Keep wishing.

Scope it.

Professor Brown

Meeting of the minds.

Yaq Lighthouse.

The Haunted.

Glazed ‘N’ Dazed.

Finn Winn.

A crabs royal nightmare.


Captain Espresso.

Blue Fox, White Gulls, Brown Pelican


Catching Cod.


Heceta LH.

“They pinch…and you gotta get em back.”

“He ain’t legal.”

Artist Amy. She has a real gift, and she does jewelry and paintings. You can find her art by clicking here.

Amy’s Art.




Valley to Coast