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365 Days of Photography with Day Number 108-111…

Day 108…

©365-108Fluid Paths

Day 109…

©365-109Justin’s Tire Burner

Day 110…

©365-110Fern Hope

Day 111…


One of my photos is being featured in the January/February issue of 1859 Oregon’s Magazine. It’s the one in the upper right hand corner. I’m very grateful, very appreciative. There’s just one thing: the title is incorrect. It’s not rusty car. While I’m still new to the publishing world, I was asked in an email exchange for a title and description. However, this wasn’t included. It may not seem all that important, but it really is. The caption made the shot.

So, if you’re browsing this mag while standing in line at the grocery store, just remember…

Title: Rusty Rodder

Caption: Somewhere out behind Harmony, Oregon. There’s the homestead, and then the ride. Considering the appearance, it might have been modified by a kid or two from yesterdays era, when the chrome was thick. Captured during a road trip in late October, with Melissa Whitney. Shot in manual, with a Canon 5D Markiii. Two 600ex-rt flashes were used for a tad bit of spunk, giving the rust bucket some well deserved sex appeal. All too common scenes with either my dad or Melissa during weekend getaways just east of here.

Posted by idigphotography on January 19, 2015
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  1. 01/26/2015

    Congratulations again on making the 1859 Mag! And thanks for going with me on fun weekend adventures. We never know what we will find, or where we will end up, and that is what makes it so fun. You are one of my very best friends, and a constant inspiration. Thank you for that.

  2. 01/26/2015

    Thanks for the kind words. Definitely be exploring this next year! You help inspire me. Good times for sure!

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