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365 Days of Flash Photography, With Day Number 130-132 Results May Vary

Here is Day 130…

©365DFP-130Testing the black waters with a new blend of espresso. Reaction with results may vary.

 Here is Day 131…

©365DFP-131Testing the strength of his new piece of equipment.

 Here is Day 132… 

©365DFP-132Just found this hanging in an old homestead. Finders keepers.

Posted by idigphotography on November 9, 2013
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  1. 11/10/2013

    They don’t make things like they use to, thats for sure.

    First test looks like I used a can opener onit.

    Definitely, maybe imported wood.

  2. 11/10/2013

    Wow, a new bag, new equipment, and new espresso… Sounds pretty adventurous!!!

  3. 11/10/2013

    It was a crazy find!

  4. 11/10/2013

    You used your lens as a hammer on it.

  5. 11/10/2013

    And a few missing Screws.

  6. 11/10/2013

    Finding the bag was not fate, I think it was abandoned. It did some research and plotted its new life. It knew you were coming, got all dolled up, started hanging around the places it might find you and then BAM, it had you at hello… I’m sure of it! It’s probably already moved in its toothbrush and started doing laundry at your house while you are gone… Watch your phone bill, it might start making long distance calls and trust me when I say, bags like that have seen some action in its days if ya know what I mean! Sleep with one eye open and one hand on your wallet!

  7. 11/10/2013

    I believe thats Babger’s bag.

  8. 11/10/2013

    I’m staying fully awake.

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