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A Brief History of Scrub Jay Way Gardens, Raised Bed No. 4 Along With Day #40, and #41

This was taken on June, 7th. Each trellis specifically constructed for Raised Bed No.4 (“Chickadees Playground”). It was a rather exciting day. Red signifying Porters Dark Tomatoes, while yellow signified Yellow Pear Tomatoes. 


Here is Day Number 40…

Fast forward to August 10, a brief blink, and this is the current situation…


I’ve put a cross section on the 4×4, and used twine to secure the plants. They are very top heavy at this time. It amazes me how heavy they actually are. 



Here is Day Number 41…

Adjusted41This is a scrub jays view, and I’ve decided this would make todays photo. Raised Bed No. 5 (“The Watering Hole”) is not quite visible, it’s on the other side of my Red Russian Kale. “The Watering Hole” hosts Walla Walla Onions.

Adjusted41.3This morning, I caught this visitor after a bath. She was wondering where the towels were at.

She also told me to tell everyone in the community about  

Posted by idigphotography on August 10, 2013
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  1. 08/10/2013


    I’m lost in the tomato jungle.

  2. 08/10/2013

    It’s a zoo in there.

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