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Besides Meteors

This seems to be working out, since I’m not able to shoot meteors crashing into the earth. I’m actually finding some sort of comfort in the cheap editing techniques that I’ve acquired from screwing around with my Aperture software.


I’ve been using the same software for the past few years, and I’m overdue for something new. Perhaps Adobe. Yet there’s so many different programs out there. Then reading the hype from the geeks out there. Aperture freezes up on me. I’m laughing as I type this out. By the way, it’d be nice to have photo editing software…proper photo editing software…that actually works with the rest of my outdated laptop. And yes it’s an outdated MacBook Pro, for all the geeks out there, “It’s time for a new KnackBook Pro.”‏

Posted by idigphotography on February 24, 2013
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  1. 02/24/2013

    I dig the flower foto.

  2. 02/24/2013

    Dig it up.

  3. 02/25/2013

    I’m dying for new equipment! New camera, laptop, editing software….we have an expensive hobby, lol. Great photos!!!

  4. 02/25/2013

    Thanks! And that we do.

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