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Batter Up

It’s birthday cake batter. With chocolate. In a bar. Tripping nuts.Adjusted

It’s a killer combo with coffee, while editing. It’s the newest bar I’ve seen from Seattle Chocolates. Best wishes, and I’m breaking two of my rules. 
First rule, it’s not gluten free. I knew the moment I saw cake batter, and I’m thinking, “No, no, no. That’s got my favorite sad sack ingredient, unbleached creepy wheat flour.”
Secondly, it contains whee bits of highly processed corn syrup. That’s a no brainer in confetti cake mix, with colored bits. 
So I’m indulging a little. I’m mixing two of my least favorite poisons together. It’s a minuscule amount, that’s how I counterattack. Justifying the whole gluttonous moment. 
Give it a whirl. 
Posted by idigphotography on February 21, 2013
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  1. 02/21/2013

    No way…cake batter is also one of my favorite ‘poisons’ if you will. I will definitely have to give this candy bar a whirl.

  2. 02/21/2013

    Um, it’s really, really good. You know, you gotta indulge like one day out of the month. Gluttony can be a bearable thing.

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