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Pumpkin Seeds for Pleasantries

Fall Tracks

It’s the usual when shopping at Fred Meyer’s. Nearly every time I’m in line, something odd or surreal happens. I sometimes wonder if I’m hallucinating, but I’m not. It’s just things barely hanging in the balance between reality and misguided sanity. I’d like to say insanity, but that would be too easy. It’d be nice to think that the cashiers could possibly be a bit friendlier, could possibly share a smile while scanning goods, items that I’m purchasing which gives them a job.

Great Option for a Winery

I’ve made calls, complaints, with minimal effort on the other end. She was not a smiler, no boy, not this one. She barked orders, “Put that on the ground over there.” So, I dropped my basket on the ground, over there. Then came the mini interrogation.

“Are you married?” No.

“You sure eat like you’re married.” That’s great.

“All this healthy stuff. How much do you need?” Try it sometime.

“Pumpkin seeds? Are these really pumpkin seeds?” Yep. “Huh. Who would’a thought. Go figure.”

No smile. No pleasantries. Do I need a special permit to buy healthy? Or is there a special permit for pumpkin seeds that I’m clueless about? Maybe pumpkin seeds for pleasantries next time around? Maybe I just need to be married, then it wouldn’t be such a hassle buying healthy goods. Or maybe I should just shop Roth’s.

Take A Seat

Posted by idigphotography on November 13, 2012

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