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The WildWood Hotel

The WildWood Hotel. Willamina, Oregon. 

This was, and still is, the place to be. They have good grub, and you can even rest your head for the night in their historic hotel. From the sounds of it, the place is haunted, but I really didn’t pick up on that vibe from the locals. At one time, it had four different stories. The top two levels, during its earlier years, boasted brothels from time to time. When segregation was in effect, blacks and Chinese had to stay on the top levels as well. 

 Nice comfortable room where you can meet and greet your fellow neighbors, then later crash and nap on the couch.

Board games and a place to journal about your travels, and the girls you’ve met.

Is that bacon I smell?

I so want this. This is just awesome. Double Orange Soda. And man, flapper girls were hot!

Plan tomorrows adventures.


I love old hallways. Just imagining who had wondered these halls a hundred years ago, how many drunks had tripped into their rooms, and the tips all the working girls made, all while the bar bustled below. 

 “Stella Maris.”

This is the window where I had caught a floozy staring me down. She had this come hither look, it so knocked me off guard. The third level caught fire some time ago, so I’m pretty sure she moved to the second floor. 

 One of the guest rooms. The decor is pretty awesome. I’m pretty sure she, the floozy, would have led me here. Just saying.

I would like to thank the kind folks at the WildWood for the great service, awesome food, and wonderful tour. I’ll be booking a room sometime soon. If you’d like the original photos without the watermarks, just email me and I’d be more than happy to get them to you. Thanks again.

Posted by idigphotography on September 19, 2012

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