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Boredom With Untrained Monkeys

It’s late summer. I love it, it’s like we’re right at that pre-autumn intersection. This is a great time for late evening strolls around downtown Salem. Enjoy the last of the warm evenings, because October is shaking its leaves right around the corner. While out the other night, I took a stroll by the capitol, which I’ve never done before. As a rule of thumb, I always take my camera. You know, just in case. Anything could happen. Like coming across a freak, or simply growing curious and goofing around, wondering how the capitol building might appear in all of its luster and fame at dusk, with my cameras ISO blaring at full volume. 

ISO is your cameras sensitivity to light. Higher the ISO, the more grain in your pics. Low ISO, like the normal 100, you get a prettier and crispier pic. 

This was taken just before night night time. 

The ISO was set at 25600 while a pair of chipmunks juggled pecans on top of my head. It’s very true. My shutter speed was set at 100. Aperture at 6.3. It’s very grainy, which is expected. Honestly, I kind of like it. A photo in its true form. Raw, and unedited. I even took a bath after this shot was taken.


Now here is the same scene, without high ISO. It’s set at the standard 100. This was taken with my tripod, which is currently handicapped. I’ve misplaced the mounting plate (I believe it’s in my dads car), so I had to balance the camera on top of the tripod, all while juggling a pair of squirrels in my other hand. It’s a pretty basic shot, untrained monkeys could do this. Again at dusk, but this time I left the shutter open for thirty seconds.  

It’s alright. Again, this is the raw and unedited (except for slight cropping) version.

Posted by idigphotography on September 17, 2012

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