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365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #93

A good friend of mine made a confession this evening. It was shocking, and uneasy to hear, but nonetheless needed to be revealed. Darci had come forth, admitting that coffee consumption for her didn’t start until after college. 

After college. 

After college. At first I was speechless, my throat parched, my hand immediately reaching for the hot cup of coffee next to me. I asked if she was okay, how did she make it, how on earth did she survive without java for that long. It was pretty heavy, pretty hard to hear. She now consumes it daily. For a lifetime she was lost, and now she is found. 

She is found, and this next to her coffee. 

These photos are for her.

What is that? Upon the railing?

The red dots came from a passing helicopter. Darci majored in psychology, and by looking at this photo she will notice the symbolistic nature. Those red dots are more like a pulse, the gold man is energized from java, the moon is all you can see after drinking black gold all evening, and upon the rock…is the rock n’ roll for each morning, sip by gulp.

Here is number 93…

“And upon this rock…”

Posted by idigphotography on February 6, 2012

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