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365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #67

Here is number 67…

No editing was done with this shot. It was quick, and it looked great on my display screen. Once I blew it up, and looked it over, I noticed it appeared pixelated around the moons rays. Same thing appeared further out, where reclusive waves of darkness were casted by that big ball of white. I’ve done similar shots, but I really wanted the moon and the reflection, with the Gold Man not far off, almost as if he’s watching the moon on this crisp, cold winter evening. I secretly love evenings like this. I swear, the cold air feels great on my lungs, better than that of a warm spring day. 

I hope this photo has been of some use for you. I should call these photos, “Reflection Time With Paul. Images For Reflection With Your Host Dr. Paul” All while soft music plays in the background. And then the camera spans out. I’m seated on a bench, a small pond off to my right. “Hello there. Glad you could join me. Today we’re going to explore pond photography, and its reflection. Several limbs and reeds have protruded this smooth and canvas-like surface. Pretty soon this pond will no longer exist. How does this pond reflect upon you?” Then the camera zooms in on a broken cattail lying across a mudflat. “Tell me, how does this pond reflect upon you? Is your life receding like the surface of this pond? Are there objects protruding into your life?” I’ll of course be wearing a hat, to protect something else receding, that of my hairline from getting scorched.  

Posted by idigphotography on January 11, 2012

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