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365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #54. New “How-to” Section!!!

Great Pics Photography introduces its first “How-To” section. Every so often Great Pics Photography will take you into an in-depth world of photography with coffee, and camera equipment with coffee. 

Awhile back, I had noticed that one of my EF lenses came equipped with a dual-core thermal radiating heat liner. Yes, it was a surprise find. Why would an EF lens be equipped with such technology, you ask? Well, it’s for coffee junkies like yours truly. 

This section will show you how you can access the thermal radiating liner, and how to adjust the switch to “on” while working with the dual-core for optimum heat. This basically turns your lens into a mini thermos. And trust me, it works.

First off, you will need the following tools.

1. Allen wrench set.

2. Phillips screwdriver.

3. Socket wrench, with a 15mm socket.

First off, turns your lens upside-down. Unscrew the cap. You will notice right off the bat that about an inch down there is a glass element. Flip the glass element to the right, then quickly turn it to the left. After it pops out, you will find the dual-core switch. Switch it to “On.” Then replace the glass element, and screw the cap back on.

Second, turn the lens onto its other end. Take the lens cap off. Then unscrew the lens projector protector. You’ll notice that it’ll turn and pop off.

Thirdly, you’ll now use your allen wrench for loosening the different screws for the glass elements within the body of the lens.

Fourthly, you’ll take the screwdriver and unscrew the titanium screws that hold the magnetic field sensors in place. 

Fifthly, you’ll insert the socket wrench and work loose the remaining bolts. 

Apply plenty of pressure. You should here a loud “pop.”

The bolt is then ejected from the cavity, and the socket is driven home, thus igniting the sudden motion sensor. 

After removing the glass elements within the body, your lens is ready for a fresh brew. Simply set it on a counter, and say, “It’s about that time.” The dual-core will instantly warm the thermos, and will respond with, “Giddy up.”

Now you are ready to pour your hot and incredibly delicious beverage into your new thermal coated lens. Decaf will turn the dual-core off, and instantly freeze it into a tube of ice.

And here is number 54…

My EF Thermal Lens filled with coffee, parked right next to my EF 70-200 Lens. 

Hope you enjoyed this “How-to” section.


Warning: This is purely satirical. 

Posted by idigphotography on December 29, 2011
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  1. 12/30/2011

    OMGoodness! You are ingeniuos! You need to market that product! Haha. Amazing how your brain works.

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