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Picking A Noble

When picking a Christmas noble, I’m not into tree farms. I’m not into having someone else cut it for me. Not gonna happen. I’m into the organic forest and woodland trees, the guys who grow from the natural earth and the natural elements. Basically, I want my tree as hippy as I can get.

 First off, you’ve gotta have a vehicle that can get you to the trees. And most importantly a ride that can hold a tree either inside, or tied down on top. 

This one looks alright, a little tall. And I really don’t feel like hacking it in half for just the top section. Kind of a waste if you ask me.

Alright. These are nice, but just a tad bit tall.

Here you go. I like this guy. 

Nice limbs, nice spacing between the branches for lights and candy canes. And no Darci, no “elves” are helping me out.

Since I’ve found my tree, I celebrate with a cup of coffee. 

The polaski. Obviously, I really don’t need it for this kind of job. Obviously, I really want to use it. 

Make a little notch.

Then just give it taps, nothing crazy. Love taps. Sweet and delicate love taps. You can even whisper to it.

After it’s fallen, I place it upright and admire it. Mouth open and all. Such a pretty tree. This is another occasion where you can whisper to it.

Then, in the Rodeo it goes.

Man, that was a real workout. I’m wiped out. I really need a cup of coffee and a doughnut.

Then later on, the lights are strung and the candy canes decorate, resembling colored icicles. 

Posted by idigphotography on December 11, 2011
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  1. 12/11/2011

    I love this! You inspired me!

  2. 12/11/2011

    Well, thanks. I’m glad I inspired you. If you want to borrow my polaski, you can.

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