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365 Days Of Great Pics Photography, #21…Along With A Few Others.

Here is number 21…

“Mommy, you should of just brought your shades.”

 That’s my lovely caption for this photo. This was taken earlier, like the other photos in this post. It was a beautiful day. I woke at 8am, then went back to sleep, woke a few more times and decided on getting out of bed around noon. Yep, it was one of those kind of days. I went for a drive, and just drove. Made a few stops here and there, and just enjoyed this late fall day. I even had jazz playing. 

 This was the runner up for number 21. I liked it so much that I saved it as my desktop photo, because I’m cool like that. This was taken up the hill from the now abandoned Mallorie’s Dairy. Skies were perfect, and so was this barn.

 Here were a few others from today. Hope you enjoy.

Posted by idigphotography on November 26, 2011
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  1. 11/27/2011

    Wow these pictures are nice. Are they really from Mt. Angel?

  2. 11/27/2011

    Yeah, the top photo, and the fifth one down were in Mt. Angel. Thanks for stopping by!

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