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Falling Back

Another account of another excursion in the back lands of Oregon. And a detailed commentary, because it’s gotta be told.

Looks like a slow moving stream, where you’d expect trout sipping on midges at a leisurely pace. Not so. It’s just, well, stagnant water that’s probably infested with more mosquito larva than you could ever imagine. The adults? They’d just love to pay you a visit.

Last days before the big freeze.

Dad, looking back. I really like how this photo turned out. Best photos, in my experience, are those that you aren’t expecting.

It’s a she. Hopefully you get it. Think about it for a minute, especially if you’re from Oregon.

Mountain Compass.

You know what, this photo reminds me of something you’d see from the 50’s. Like a 50’s photo. It appears saturated because of how the skies were rolling and living. The barren land, and then there would have to be a Coca Cola ad. That, my friend, would make it official.

Ooh. Changing the colors up. I love the clouds way in the back, just minding their own business, same goes with that big mountain.

If you look carefully, you’ll see my dad up on the top. He was waving. I had to use my 18000mm lens. I was in Keizer, on top of the tower behind my place, when I took this. It’s a special lens, donated by NASA.

“Get out!” I love this photo. I swear, the tree right behind the snag, it’s yelling at the snag to get out of there. You can even see it pointing. Notice? That’s right.

Caterpillars viewpoint. “I can make it, I can do this. I gotta keep at it,” and he crawls and inches towards the canopy which appears on fire, where hues capture the suns rays and toss them into a sea of embers, diamond embers that roll and spin with each breeze. “I can make it, I can do this. Oh sh-,” and a pileated woodpecker glides by. “That was close. That was almost the end. That was too close. I hate this job.”

Vultures snag! Perfect for a turkey! If vultures could speak English, they’d be singing praises atop this snag. Or ravens in the dead of winter.

They look bored. They probably are bored. It’s fall, and they’ve had a long year. But they look beautiful. Props. Mad props. Another great display.

I like taking photos, great pics, with the sun pointing right at me. I love looking at the sun with my lens. My dad does it with his 500mm, and I do it with my 200mm and my wide angle. Wide angle, it just isn’t the same. A telephoto will perform wonders to your retina. 

They look lonely in a sea of lava rock. A big vast black sea of rock. A big black vast sea of…boredom. 

Notice the pattern?

Late evening…fall. And I need coffee before I…fall. 

Posted by idigphotography on October 24, 2011

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