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Eleven Reasons Why We Love It

Eleven reasons why we love it.

Fall days to rainy ways, and why we just love them.

1. Photos of fall leaves. Big fall leaves. We love our fall pictures.

2. Tripods. Sturdy carbon legged tripods, with spikes. Photos never looked the same.

3. Colors going, going, and soon gone. From green to yellow to orange to red.

4. Falls. Lots of falls. Mini to big, we dig our falls in the fall.

5. Wet cameras. Wet camera gear. Wet camera lenses. Doused and drowned straps. Dad really loves wet cameras…

…Especially his 5D.

6. Waiting, oh waiting. Waiting patiently for the colors to change on certain trees.

7. Wet sneakers to wet boots. Anything for the right photo.

8. Whining about incoming rain clouds.

9. Pictures of bridges with fall present. Preferably in the middle of the stream.

10. Coffee. Coffee and photos. Or photos of coffee. Or coffee while looking at pictures of fall.

11. Photos of streams, low and clear, where steelhead and salmon dare.

Posted by idigphotography on October 10, 2011

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