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Hoodoo Dogs To Wizard Falls

Good day for a drive. Met dad up at Big Lake and we went from there. And the sun was high.

Looking upstream at Wizard Falls on the Metolius River. Great place for pictures.

Fall foliage along the banks with maples on fire. Metolius River.

Dad was going to wade out and take a dip. Metolius River running nice and warm.

Secret stream feeding the Metolius River. Fallen maples dare.

Bright blue, where the wizard stood, casting to white fish. His favorite fish.           Metolius River.

Couple up at Big Lake. Susie and Ken. She was impressed with our camera gear.

                                                   Another picture. This one vertical.                                                     If you guys would like the originals, give me a call.

Dad found a new friend running loose up at Big Lake.

“Just throw it will ya?”

Posted by idigphotography on October 8, 2011
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  1. 10/9/2011

    Oh..I love the black lab the best! I want him! Maybe some more doggie photos is in the works? I know a pet salon owner if you are interested.

  2. 10/9/2011

    Beautiful water scenes.

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