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Verve Nerve

Will it keep me wired? Trying something new.

Other than finding only a couple of trees that were changing colors, my nerves suddenly became a little frayed. I noticed one of the buttons on my camera was a tad bit jacked out of place. When I’m out shooting, I try to get the best pictures that I can, and with some of the pics I’ll have to jump over a log or half scale a tree, or this or that. My camera can sometimes get banged around, and I really hate it when that happens, but it’s gonna happen and that’s that. Today I finally realized just how much I’ll go through for some shots, which for the viewer they look totally normal, but some of the positions are anything but normal.

On another side note, I had great company to keep me wired. Verve coffee. It’s really good stuff. When Rachel came to visit, she brought me two bags of coffee, and one of them was Verve, straight from Santa Cruz. How awesome is that? She brings me coffee. What more could I ask for? Such a sweet girl. I’ve had a handful of girls that have made an impact on me, and she’s definitely in my Top 3 for women who I really admire. And that’s not just because of the coffee thing.

Honey with my java (other honey).

Such a fun guy.

Okay, no more fungi jokes.

Good flow.

Can you spot the error in this pic?

Or how about this one?

Going for a swim.

Different perspectives.

Another cup, or two, or three…

Different angle.



Magic wand.

Maidenhair made in Oregon.



Overall, it was a peaceful day. Weather was perfect, with great overcast skies, and I spent a majority of it talking to God.

Posted by idigphotography on September 26, 2011
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  1. 09/27/2011

    And I do believe God is talking back to you! Except for maybe the coffee shots! Beautiful shots and now I have to decide which one I want for my background! Idk..I am still liking the little frog greeting me every morning! We’ll see 🙂

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