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So I’ve decided to go ahead, once again, with captions. My mom had asked me the other night, “Why aren’t there captions on your pics that are on your website? You have them on FaceBook, but not on there. Why not?”

Why not? Because I grew lazy with adding the same captions, typing them out a second time.

And then Zane. “What makes your pics good, other than having a good eye, is your captions.”

So it was a double whammy. And so the captions are going to return. Usually they consist of a word or two, or maybe three, or maybe a sentence or more.

I’ve also updated my about me section. Put up a link for my dads blog, and for my other site, which I’ve been falling behind on.

Thanks to all of you for visiting, and continuing to visit. I’ll try to keep you updated on how I see the world, where some parts go unnoticed while others are captured with the click of the shutter.

Take care, and thanks again.

Where Cormorants dare.

The Towering.



Seen better days.

Savior Ride.

Robin. Just Kidding.

Planks, paths.

Orca Worka.

Beacons Path.

Not quite ready.

Keep wishing.

Scope it.

Professor Brown

Meeting of the minds.

Yaq Lighthouse.

The Haunted.

Glazed ‘N’ Dazed.

Finn Winn.

A crabs royal nightmare.


Captain Espresso.

Blue Fox, White Gulls, Brown Pelican


Catching Cod.


Heceta LH.

“They pinch…and you gotta get em back.”

“He ain’t legal.”

Artist Amy. She has a real gift, and she does jewelry and paintings. You can find her art by clicking here.

Amy’s Art.



Posted by idigphotography on August 3, 2011
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  1. 08/4/2011

    It was hard to pick a fav on these but I really like Professor Brown!

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